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About Boat Haus

Boat Haus is a project of 3 friends, descendants of Spanish, Italians and Polish. Who with a strong entrepreneur spirit decided to invest their own savings and time and convince their families to go for this adventure: and create this project in Europe.

Their passion for traveling, exploring and creating, took them to face the challenge and make this dream come true: A unique experience on the Mediterranean that reunite travelers in a lifetime experience! And this is how in 2019 this beautiful floating homes were born with the amazing super power of making people happy!

A house over the water, why not?

If 75% of our Planet is water, why not enjoy it?
With an efficient and sustainable use of natural resources we created a eco friendly experience that benefits both nature and people.

Our Mission

To provide a unique and fun way to travel. Reunite all type of travelers who are looking for a once in a lifetime adventure enjoying life on the water.

Our Vision

To expand the floating homes communities over the Mediterranean sea, generating amazing experiences and creating new ways of living, with an eco friendly vision. We love to motivate people to be more in contact with nature, and inner peace.

Our Values

Passionate and loving humans working together.
Transparent business model
Eco friendly
Permanent innovation and optimization

Mediterranean Experience

Contemplating the need of getting out of the daily crazy non stopping activities, we need to give ourselves a break and find ways to disconnect and rest. This is the secret to a better and happier life quality.

Boat Haus invites you to experience a unique and fun way to disconnect, and enjoy contact with nature only minutes away from the city.


New and unique

Contact with
nature and
inner quiet

The comfort
of a
compact home

Share the
experience with
other travelers

Welcome on board!

The story is just beginning, lets live it together!

Enjoy a #mediterraneanexperience!

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