Invest in our houseboats


Invest in our houseboats

We transform the concept of lodging and tourism with an innovative, profitable and transparent proposal. We promote new lifestyles.

Houseboat Investment

The villages are complexes of houseboats that coexist on the Mediterranean Sea. They are a small community that has the particularity of being located within a marina, taking advantage of all its services and amenities..Investing in a Boat Haus village is an excellent opportunity to participate in a safe and transparent business.

With great expertise in business marketing, we develop an attractive, transparent and profitable investment proposal that facilitates the incorporation of tourists and investors with an innovative and differential value proposition.

Why invest in a village?

An ecological, and responsible project that is committed to people, provides an alternative to urban growth, provides new experiences, contact with nature and pleasure to travellers.

Integral management

Structure, business model and differential value proposition.

Nautical Real Estate Project

Innovative, profitable and safe investment.

Sucess story

A brand and reputation that currently has 10 houseboats based in Spain.

Invest and enjoy

An opportunity for personal use as well as obtaining a business asset.

Invertí de forma segura, resultados garantizados.

A Village of houseboats in the Mediterranean

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