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Motorboat (Barcelona)


Experience an amazing activity in the mediterranean seafront.



*The PRICE is for Deposit

You can now rent a motorboat in Barcelona without having to have a license. Exactly, you have not read it wrong, with a few instructions from instructors you can drive a motorboat with your own hands with all the freedom in the world.
Browse the waves of the sea and do not miss the opportunity to take photos to immortalize this fun experience.
The motorboats are unsinkable. They are designed by materials of the highest quality and with a higher bow and more volume to guarantee your 100% safety.


Time Price Deposit
1 h 100 500
2 h 180 500
4 h 350 500

The activity includes

Maximum capacity of up to 6 people (New 2019 model)
The motorboat has an option to a coffee table and Bluetooth music player (€ 15 extra)
Gasoline is included.

What do you have to know?

It will be mandatory to leave a deposit of € 500
It will be necessary to bring the ID or identity card of the person responsible for the reservation
We recommend doing the activity in the morning for favorable maritime conditions and better

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