Can you walk to the UK, of course you can! Although we admit that this answer has a bit of a trick to it. Because we are indeed referring to that little piece of the UK that lies at the southernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula, very close to La Línea de la Concepción. In fact, because of this proximity, Gibraltar is one of the best places to see near La Línea de la Concepción. to see near La Línea de la Concepción .

You probably know that the Rock is one of the essential places to see in Gibraltar, but there is much more to visit. So pay close attention because we are going to tell you about the places to visit in Gibraltar to enjoy a full day out.

Let's start the visit!

Tips for visiting places to see in Gibraltar

To prepare for your visit to the places to see in Gibraltar, we would like to share with you some details that will be very useful during your trip. First of all, to enter Gibraltar we recommend you to cross the border on foot or by bike, as it will probably take you less time than queuing in the car. A good option is to leave your car in a free car park nearby, before arriving at customs.

It is also important that you do not forget your ID card or passport, otherwise you will not be able to enter. Remember that this is a different country.

As for the language, although as you know the official language is English, the truth is that the locals are more than used to speaking Spanish on a daily basis. Or, rather, llanito, which is a dialect usually spoken by Gibraltarians that mixes English and Spanish with some Italian words.

Another important thing to be aware of is currency. In the vast majority of places to visit in Gibraltar, restaurants, shops, etc. you can pay with either Pounds or Euros. However, we recommend that you pay attention to the exchange rate.

Places to visit in Gibraltar, or not to visit at all

Having made our recommendations, it's time to visit the sights of Gibraltar. One thing that's sure to catch your eye is the change in the cityscape, where you'll suddenly be confronted by British streets with their famous red telephone boxes and English street names and businesses.

Rock of Gibraltar: the must-do

As you can imagine, the Rock is one of the main attractions to see in Gibraltar. There are many ways to get up there: walking, by cable car or on organised excursions. 

In general, we only recommend walking if you are a keen hiker and have the time, as it is almost 20 kilometres uphill.

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On the other hand, the cable car is a fantastic way to enjoy the views as you reach the top of the Rock of Gibraltar. However, bear in mind that it has a very English timetable, from 9.30am to 5.15pm, so don't get distracted when it's time to come back.

Once you're there, you'll realise that the Rock's best-known inhabitants are not the Gibraltarians. It's the popular monkeys, which are the only primates in Europe that live in the wild. And that's precisely why it's essential not to disturb them by getting too close or trying to pet them.

Also, be careful not to bring any objects in sight or food - they like to take souvenirs from visiting tourists!

Viewpoints in Gibraltar: Pillars of Hercules and Skywalk

In ancient times, Gibraltar was considered the end of the world. That's why you can see the Pillars of Hercules, a monument that refers to the columns that Hercules held between Europe and Africa according to Greek mythology. And from there you have fantastic views of the Mediterranean.

And speaking of viewpoints, another attraction to see in Gibraltar is the Rock's Skywalk. It is a floating platform of transparent glass at an impressive height. Up there you'll feel like you're floating in mid-air as you look out over the two continents in a 360-degree panoramic view.

Saint Michael's Cave: the Rock of Gibraltar from the Inside

Did you know that you can also visit the Rock of Gibraltar from the inside? Just as you read it. It is Saint Michael's Cave, one of the best things to do near La Línea de la Concepción. to do near La Línea de la Concepción.

It may be one of the oldest places you've ever been to, as it is an ancient cave of stalactites and stalagmites. But don't worry if you are not a particularly adventurous person, because it is fully equipped to visit them comfortably. In fact, it has a small amphitheatre inside where concerts and other events are often held.

In addition, in the main cave you can enjoy a light and sound show with a 360-degree projection. And if this cave is not enough for you, you can also visit the Lower Saint Michael Cave, where you can go caving in its purest form.

World War II Rock of Gibraltar Tunnels

Among the sites to see in Gibraltar, and more specifically inside the Rock, are the World War II tunnels that the British built to protect their soldiers. These tunnels stretch for many kilometres, but there is one part of the tunnels that has been specially prepared for visitors.

The tour lasts about 40 minutes and along the way you can see a photographic exhibition showing how the different rooms of these galleries were used.

Other places to visit in Gibraltar

And we went from being inside the Rock to being more outdoors than ever. The Windsor Suspension Bridge, over 50 metres high, is definitely a place to see in Gibraltar for the more adventurous.

On the other hand, if the relaxation plans in Cádiz are not enough for you, or if you love to relax wherever you go, Gibraltar also has its own beaches: Sandy Bay, Catalan Bay and Playa de Levante.

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To end this super complete visit, you can take a stroll through the centre of Gibraltar, where you'll feel like you're in an English village, except for the weather of course! 

You can take the opportunity to stroll around the city centre and do some shopping. Main Street, Irishtown and Engineer Lane are ideal, where you can also buy VAT-free products. Again, be aware of the English timetable, as shops tend to close between 18:00 and 19:00.


And as a curiosity, let us tell you that among all the things to see in Gibraltar you can discover a cathedral and several Catholic churches, but also an Anglican church, a Methodist church, a Presbyterian church, four synagogues and even a Hindu temple.


Now that you know the places to see in Gibraltar, you may want to see it in several days or take the opportunity to visit the sites to see in sites to see in the province of Cadiz. Either way, remember to set your holiday base camp with us and book your houseboat near Gibraltar. book your houseboat near Gibraltar.