If you're here, it's because the idea of a houseboat holiday appeals to you, right? 

Life in contact with the water is an experience that gives you the opportunity to spend a few peaceful days in harmony with nature and the marine environment.  Because... How long has it been since you've taken time out to really enjoy yourself and those around you?

Well, in the Alcaidesa Marina, in La Línea de la Concepción, you have the option of making this dream come true. Because its gentle waves are home to our unique hotel that offers you the opportunity to spend an unforgettable holiday on a houseboat.

Exquisitely designed houses to live on the water to offer you a new experience for your days off with all the luxuries you need. An experience that embraces the luxuries of technology and comfort in houseboats that don't require excess. And they are respectful of an exceptional natural environment that invites you to explore all your senses.

So get ready to discover this little piece of the Mediterranean in a stay with all the comforts of a luxury hotel. 

And a few other surprises.

All the comforts that a houseboat offers you to enjoy your holidays.

At Boat Haus we have thought of every last detail to make your holiday on our houseboats what we call a wow experience.

A room full of colour, nature and inspiration that stimulates all your senses, your creativity and envelopes you in a relaxing environment.

We are convinced that comfort is the key to happiness. Ok, we know that comfort depends on the subjective vision of each person. But we have come to know what are all the indispensable factors you need to create this space of comfort and tranquillity.

In other words, what we know as an authentic Mediterranean Experience. A relaxing experience, always in contact with nature and water, which gives you the chance to spend time alone or in the company of your loved ones. Without the distractions and noise of urban environments.

Details that immerse you in the experience

Feeling in a true experience of comfort means paying attention to those details that often go unnoticed. But which are, without a doubt, fundamental.

That's why you'll enjoy a bright and welcoming interior space during your holiday on our houseboats. With a minimalist and flexible interior design that contains everything you need to feel at ease.

Do you want to know the details? Well, we're going to tell you:

  • The houses have all the rooms you need for your holiday: fully equipped kitchen with kitchenware, bedroom, bathroom, living room and a very chic terrace with beautiful 360º views. In other words, it has everything you need for your houseboat holiday.

  • The beds are spacious and very comfortable. And the pillows will surprise you with their quality, you'll see.

  • We pay attention to the fabrics, especially the bed linen and towels. You will feel their softness.

All of this is beautifully designed, using quality, environmentally friendly materials.

1-1 contact with nature

You and nature. You and nature.

On your holidays in our houseboats we want you to leave behind the hustle and bustle of city life and come to rest, to disconnect, to feel good.

For this reason, in the houses you will find a 360º outdoor terrace equipped with very comfortable sunbeds from which you can contemplate luxury sunsets with the Rock of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop.

Add to this the benefits to your emotional health of the sensation of floating on the sea, similar to when you were a baby and your elders rocked you in their arms.

Awakening your senses

Have you ever been moved by the sight of a sunset, or taken the time to relax to the gentle sound of the sea?

Everyday life sometimes locks us into a routine where there is no space to activate your senses. 

We are well aware of this, so for your holiday on our houseboats we have prepared a complete experience that will delight your five senses. From the rich aromas of nature, delicious meals of the local gastronomy, the bright colours of the sunset, the delicate sound of the wind on the water...


Pet friendly

Spending the holidays with the family is a luxury in this day and age. And when we say family we mean all its members, including the furry members. We believe that the company of animals is vital to achieve a full state of well-being and that's why we don't want you to leave them at home during the best days of the year.

See Andalusia from the unique perspective of a houseboat holiday.

Andalusia is a land full of colour, nature and inspiration. And contemplating the landscapes that the Alcaidesa Marina offers you from the terrace of your houseboat is one of those experiences that are hard to forget.

Because for us, respecting the environment means being consistent with our beliefs and desires to leave a better world for future generations.

And for you, giving you the opportunity to connect with a nature that offers you much more than just beautiful landscapes. Playing sports to raise your happiness levels, having fun with your loved ones, making relaxing plans in Cádiz...

Always with the omnipresence of the splendid Mediterranean Sea.

Boat Haus: everything you need for a holiday on the water

You've seen it: spending your holiday on a houseboat is a luxury experience. You will fall in love with life on the water in harmony with the environment.

A room full of colour, nature and inspiration in a houseboat that strictly follows a new concept of luxury and minimalist comfort that blends design, technology and respect for the environment.


Because we understand that in order to offer you a happy stay, less is almost always more.