Did you know that more than 50% of the human body is water? It is natural that from the beginning of life you have a very close relationship with this element: it is part of you.

Since ancient times, man has always sought the benefits of contact with water and has settled in the vicinity of places where life was teeming with life, be it rivers, lakes or seas.

In ancient Greece, for example, thermal baths were sacred places where they used hydrotherapy, i.e. they used water as a means of healing.

Today, the hectic pace of modern life is once again making us aware of the value of our health and the health of your loved ones. 

And, if you are on a quest to live more in touch with yourself and nature, do you want to know how contact with water can improve your physical and emotional well-being? 

Here we will tell you how body and mind are aligned when interacting with water. 

So read on!

Detoxify body and mind in contact with water: 5 benefits at your fingertips

Are you tired from the frenetic pace of the city? It is possible that your body is suffering from the continuous wear and tear of urban life: noise, pollution, rushing... In the end, as you know, everything takes its toll.

So, we are sure that if you know some of the benefits of contact with water and, more importantly, apply them in your life, your wellbeing will rise like the foam... from the sea ;)

Water takes care of your heart

Yes, and it does so in several ways: leisurely swimming in the sea or any physical activity in rivers or lakes, such as canoeing, can improve your cardiovascular health by improving circulation and strengthening your heart.

And, if you are lucky enough to live by the sea, you should know that the higher atmospheric pressure at that level increases the amount of oxygen, stabilising your blood pressure

Tone your body effortlessly

Did you know that training in water can help you recover much faster from muscle injuries? Water and the weightlessness it provides allows you to exercise your muscles without putting pressure on your joints. It also promotes flexibility without the jerky movements of other forms of exercise.

Improve your respiratory health

One of the benefits of living near the sea is being able to breathe in the oxygen-rich air and benefit from the iodine and other mineral salts carried by the breeze. It is the ideal natural cure if you suffer from respiratory problems. Eliminating the toxins and pollutants accumulated by city life is something your respiratory health will thank you for.

Your skin and water

You already know that proper hydration is vital for the condition of your skin. Water hydrates it from within and keeps it soft and supple.

Its effect is perhaps less well known from the outside, but you should know that, for example, seawater, which is rich in salts, helps to heal small wounds and is beneficial as an aid in the treatment of acne and other skin conditions.

Water and your emotional health

Being in contact with water can be very relaxing. It will help you to reduce stress and anxiety. Don't you feel great after a nice swim or a dip in the sea?

We advise you to experience how the sound of water can induce a state of mind of calm and tranquillity. The flowing water of a fountain or the murmur of the waves, with its calm rhythm, has the property of slowing down your revolutions and focusing on the essential: living in the moment.

Contemplating the blue of the sea, the sweet calm of the surface of a lake, or breathing the clean air that the proximity of water brings you will be the best medicine in moments of anxiety or stress.

Houseboats: a unique place to connect your life to the water

Finding your own personal place to enjoy the benefits of contact with water can be difficult. Buildings and accommodation in coastal areas are often overcrowded and this can take you away from the tranquillity you are looking for.

From Boat Haus we want you to know an innovative and environmentally friendly option. A place that focuses on your rest and at the same time provides you with a lifestyle where you will have the water at your fingertips.

That's why we invite you to get to know our exclusive houseboats. An option that takes you away from concrete and traffic. You will be able to locate your home in spectacular natural settings.

If you are wondering what a houseboat is, let me tell you that they are homes at the forefront of design and comfort, located on the sea, rivers or lakes, so that you can enjoy these environments in the front row.

But there is no doubt that the advantages of living on a houseboat go far beyond that.

Can you imagine waking up every day in a different place? Just start the electric motor at home and sail to the place you want.

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